The Bound Story

We were born to Bound

At the four-way intersection of luxury, electric vehicle technology, convenience, and affordability is Bound — a more personalized ride service that will elevate the way business people, students, and day-trippers think of city-to-city transportation in the northeast.

Our mission is to create a transportation service that transforms the way people perceive and pursue city to city transportation, offering a prestigious and personalized professional service that is startlingly affordable, and widely accessible.

Bound is a way for travelers to bypass the stress of driving (fuel, navigation, traffic, tolls, and parking), bus or train transportation. Instead, experience relaxing, affordable, professionally driven regional trips in one of the coolest vehicles on the planet.

You could probably pose the question, which came first — our passion for the car and what electric vehicle technology will mean to the future? Or the idea to create a ridepooling company around it? But answering that question wouldn’t matter, because getting to drive these cars, meet people, see places and make a successful business out of it — well, we’re in heaven just being able to share it with a community of people who like what we do.

An online booking system allows up to four passengers to secure a coveted spot in the futuristic contours and whisper-quiet comfort of a Tesla. With the expert, friendly, and personal attention of a professional driver, passengers can now reach their regional destinations with their batteries fully charged, instead of drained from the trip.

It’s much more than just a way to go from here to there. When you Bound, you arrive energized.

We envision that through the entrepreneurial pursuit of affordable city to city travel for everyone, Bound will play a role in transforming the way people experience regional transportation as the electric vehicle industry evolves and our business grows. We plan to continually broaden our service territory, introducing more routes and regions to our service area. Our goal is to open up more ways for you to experience this amazing and economical way to travel so that you and others can leverage the environmentally conscious approach and cutting edge technology that powers our Tesla vehicles — to get wherever you want to go.

Thank you for your interest in Bound!


Livery Permit Number 3640 For The Operation Of Motor Vehicles In Interstate Livery service

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Certificate Number MC-82741-C


Safety is the number one priority at Bound. Drivers, vehicles, and passengers are insured by Global Liberty Insurance.


Have a question? Want to let us know about your Bound experience? Inquiring about Bound employment opportunities? Call or text 860-805-9695. Please reach out and we’ll respond promptly. Thank you!