The Experience

Cover Some Ground
Cover Some Ground

Cover some ground.

Bound is a unique and economical new way to travel regional, city-to-city distances — riding in the quiet comfort and iconic style of a luxurious Tesla electric vehicle.

Cover Some Ground
Cover Some Ground

Arrive Energized.

No more crowds, noise, or hoofing it to and from the parking garage. No need for train or bus schedules.

Bound cradles you in stress-free comfort and delivers you — with your batteries fully charged — to your destination.

Cover Some Ground
Cover Some Ground

Book your Bound today!

Leave your car keys at home and the driving to us. Bound between Boston and NYC today — and you might just make a few new friends along the way!

The Ride — Tesla

Some won’t even refer to it as a car.

From the inside out, a Tesla redefines the automobile — how it’s powered, maintained, perceived — which is why we chose it for the first electric vehicle platform for our fleet.

The smooth, serene way it glides down the road is an experience everyone should have in their lifetime. Bound puts this at your fingertips any time you want.

Tesla X Tesla X

Model X


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